Friday, February 13, 2009

Kitchen Tips

We spend most of our time in kitchen. Here are a few tips on "Get Easy with Cooking"

  • Put some neem and turmeric pieces or garlic flakes in the container where you store rice or grains, in order to keep away insects.
  • To adjust salt in curries add roasted rice powder.
  • If the curd is too sour, add 4 cups of water to it. After half an hour, remove the water collected on top.
  • Add some vinegar in the boiling water before steaming potato.
  • Put some bits of lemon peels in the pressure cooker while cooking, the cooker will remain white inside.
  • While chopping raw bananas and potatoes, put the pieces in a bowl of water to avoid it from turning black.
  • A bay leaf added to the flour container will keep the flour free from moisture.
  • To peel garlic flakes easily, wash and soak them in cold water for about an hour.
  • Green peas will retain their original colour, if you add a pinch of sugar while boiling.
  • Leafy vegetables will remain fresh longer, if wrapped in news papers when you are storing.
  • Add a pinch of sugar while cooking spinach, it will retain its green colour.
  • If you don't have any cream to add in the soup or gravy, add a mixture of butter and milk.
  • Apply some oil on the sides of the vessel in which you boil milk, in order to avoid it from overflowing.
  • Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda while mixing the dough for 'chappathi' to make it soft.
  • Keep boiled eggs in cold water for 5 minutes, this will make removal of the shell easier.
  • Cut boiled eggs with a knife dipped in hot water to avoid breaking.
  • If the bread is too soft to cut into pieces, hold the knife close to a flame and then slice the bread with it.
  • If you want to make crispy potatoes or banana chips, sprinkle salt water over them while frying.
  • If a curry turns out too salty, garnish it with some grated coconut mixed with cumin powder.
  • To remove stains from vessels, rub it with a wet cloth dipped in baking soda.
  • To clean non stick pans easily, pour some warm water into it and keep it for some time and then wash it with any detergent.
  • To remove the smell of masala form mixi, put few pieces of dry bread and powder it.


Hima said...

Great tips Aruna. The pics used in the blogs are also too good. I know that you are an all rounder. Your house looks beautiful!!!

ARUNA said...

Thanks to the Photographer Hima, and that wud b!!!

krishna said...

I like this section too did'nt know many of them.One more thing if the food is too salty try adding lemon that wud increase the flavour n reduce the salt too.

ARUNA said...

thanks for the tip Chaitanya!

n33ma said...

Really handy tips.

Elra said...

What a fantastic and great tip for the kitchen Aruna. THis is really helpful!