Friday, February 13, 2009

Home Tips!!

Keeping a house clean and beautiful is one of the most challenging job for a woman especially. I would love to keep my house neat and decorative but sometimes we just fail to do it becoz of varied reasons like lack of time, lack of energy, lack of support or lack of ideas. So here i come with a few Home Tips i gathered from here and there. It helped me, it will help you too.
  • The furniture(wooden) becomes more bright and shiny if it is cleaned with the cloth dipped in strong tea.
  • Dust the furniture (non-wood) regularly with a dry cloth.
  • For healthy look of a house, have more plants inside.
  • Water and sunlight exposure at regular intervals are the tips for healthy plants.
  • To Keep the water in your flower vase odourless for a long time put a piece of charcoal in it.
  • Taking a few minutes a day to run the broom, vacuum, or microfiber mop over the hardwood or other type of will keep it looking newer for a longer time.
  • While mopping the floor add two teaspoons of salt to the water to keep flies at bay.
  • Use a very dry damp mop when mopping wooden floors, since excess water can ruin the floor.
  • Regularly clean the tubs, shower stalls, Toilets, Sinks and Faucets.
  • To remove the stain of hair-dye or henna from the cloth, dip the cloth in warm milk for half an hour and wash with soap.
  • To remove ink stain from clothes, rub the area with a cotton bud soaked in eau-de-cologne.
  • Vinegar is an excellent cleanser for glassware.
  • Soak your silver articles in tamarind water for 30 minutes and wash off with fresh water, if you want them to shine like new.
  • In order to keep away the termites and insects from your bookshelves, keep few pieces of sandalwood.
  • Use a few drops of after shave lotion to get rid of a stubborn dirt from shoes.
  • Add a little water to used tea leaves and use them to clean glass and window panes for sparkling results.


Rajeswari said...

Great tips. good presentation.
ur house pics were awsome.
good going aruna...

ARUNA said...

thanq Raji..............hope it is useful!

rekha said...

Great Going Aruna. Wonderful Tips...Cant believe if you are the same girl with whom I stayed for a year. Kudos!

ARUNA said...

Hey Rekha, tx yaar and yes its the same Aruna :)

Anshu said...

Hey Aruna!!! grt tips indeed.Happy I visited ur blog, will visit frequently.

ARUNA said...

hey thanks Geetha....glad u found them useful.