Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The 4 Seasons!!!

I became an ardent admirer of nature after coming to US. These are surely my best photographs. One will just fall in love with the radiant colors that keep changing through out the year.

Wintering through the weather , Springing through the perfume, Summering through the sunshine & Falling through the leaves reminds me of the beautiful poem "Four Seasons ".........

-In comes the leaves of Fall
-So beautiful it will enthrall

-Wonderful red, yellow and brown

-Mother Nature should wear a crown

-Then comes the snowAnd the streets are a glow

-With children playing like animated dolls

-Then suddenly Spring calls

-April showers may come down

-Just when you are walking downtown

-Along the beach the tide is high

-As all the children walk by

-Soon it begins to get hot

-Now Summer we've got

-Sometimes you can feel the sun's rays

-Heating up through the humid haze

-The circle goes round and round

-Four Seasons we are bound!!!


RIA said...

Its looks aruna is gifted with two most admirable arts...

cooking and photography...


ARUNA said...

Who knows me better than u..haha