Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I made this dish only twice after almost 3 yrs of my marriage and now i'm like a brand ambassador for this trendy dish among my friends. There are many stories about this dish and its unique name. The first story is that the spices must soak for 65 days. The second story is about the 65 varieties of spices required in the preparation of this dish. But here is the third and real story… it originated in a military canteen in Tamilnadu, India. There were so many dishes listed in Tamil on the menu that for the military men who were from various regions, the easiest thing to overcome the barrier was to remember the serial number and this yummy boneless chicken dish was the 65th item on the menu. Whatever is the story, the final product is highly delectable.

Preparation Time : 15 mins Cooking Time : 30 mins Standing Time : 30 mins

You will need:

  • 2 lbs Chicken (boneless and tender)
  • ½ tsp Aji-no-Moto (MSG)
  • ½ bunch Coriander leaves – chopped
  • 2 tsp Corn flour
  • ½ tsp each Cumin seeds, pepper powder, chilli powder, salt
  • 7-8 number Curry leaves
  • 1 number Egg
  • 1 tsp Garlic-chopped
  • ½ tsp Ginger-chopped
  • 2 t sp Ginger garlic paste
  • 2 tsp chilli -garlic paste
  • 4-5 number Green Chilli
  • 2-3 drops Color(red)
  • Oil to fry
To make the fried chicken pieces:-

  • Take chicken pieces in a non reactive bowl
  • Add salt, Aji-no-moto,1 tsp ginger/garlic paste, pepper powder-pinch, cornflour and mix.
  • Then add 1 egg and mix in completely-(Egg coats the meat and keeps the juices in).
  • Heat oil in a frying wok or kadhai-Add chicken pieces few at a time(Do not crowd the kadhai) and fry until lightly golden brown.
  • Drain and remove on a paper towel
To make the sauce:-(This does not need to be very salty-so control salt.)

  • Heat 2-3 tsp oil in a pan
  • Add cumin, add the chopped ginger and garlic and suate until fragrant
  • Add chopped chillies, curry leaves,1 tsp ginger/garlic paste, remaining pepper powder, chilli powder, salt, chilli/garlic paste, aji-no-moto, red color and mix
  • Cook for a few minutes.
  • Add a little water and then add chicken to this paste and toss lightly.
  • Garnish with coriander leaves. Place toothpicks on each piece for a little presentation.
  • For best results, use more curry leaves.


Sharmila said...

Wow...looks yummy ..I will defenitely try this !!

Good job Aruna..keep posting new mouth watering receipes ....


Aruna Chundi said...

thanks sharmila......this feedback helps u know!

Hari Chereddi said...

Try adding some curd to the sauce - this is how the local restaurants in Hyderabad make it - Dont forget to add the curd before the oil is hot - otherwise it will crackle :)

Happy Cooking & Keep it going!!!

ARUNA said...

I will try your tip this time Hari....:)

Ammu said...

hi aruna nice dish very colourful....now i have a perfect recipe for chicken 65.hope to see many more mouth atering dishes from u soon...this is my blog www.coffeenconvy.blogspot.com


ARUNA said...

Thanks Amukta and ur blog will b mind-blowing once u display all ur cakes:)

Ravikanth Bhusani... The Cosmopolitan said...

this dish brought tons of water in my mouth ... also to my colleagues... !!! ur blog has become fav to girls :)