Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2 Cuties!!

Who doesn't love babies!!!!!!I simply adore them and love to spend my time with lots n lot of them around. These 2 babies on display are soooooo adorable, i just cannot take my eyes off them.
Their proud dads are my good friends.
The first kido - Yet to be named. This pic was taken when he was just a few hours baby. But look at his radiant eyes and chubby cheeks. Knows to pose for a pic already. His proud father is still working on a "Name" for him.

The Second kido - Hritik Roshan. His father is a die-hard fan of the bollywood actor Hritik Roshan, so he named his son after this legend. Who knows he might also be the one some day. He was 8 months old when this photograph was taken. Now he's almost 2 yrs old and his mom complains that no one carries him for more than 2mins bcoz of his weight.......oh my poor baby!!!!


Pavithra said...

Hey too are looking great so sweet pictures

ARUNA said...

hanks Pavithra....they r my friends kiddos!