Monday, February 23, 2009

Tips to decorate a rented house!!

70% of us including me live in rented houses. Renting a home does not mean that you must leave your personal style behind. There are many ways to bring your own personal flare into your rent house without violating rental contract. No matter how strict the home owner is you can easily make your rent house feel like home. Here are a few tips that i got from here and there and i myself follow most of them:

  • The easiest way to bring your personal taste into a drab rent house is to choose furniture that reflects your personal taste. Bold or colourful furniture will help to brighten up a bland room and attract attention away from the features of the interior that you are contractually not able to change such as floors and wall colour.

  • It is important to choose your furniture based on the size of house you expect to be in. A small, low sofa will look out of place and lost in a large room while a big comfy couch will make a smaller room seem minute.

  • Art is a powerful accessory if used and hung properly in the home. It adds style, color, personality, charm, wit, elegance, beauty and just about any other adjective you can imagine. A colourful tapestry or an art will hide stark white walls and warm up any living space. You could hang paintings or framed pictures to achieve the same effect.

  • If there is no view from your living room windows, create your own view by hanging plants both inside and outside of your windows. Bring the outside in by filling the room with live plants.

  • The floor is probably the simplest part of the home to decorate. A nice rug will create a space that you will enjoy being in. It will also protect the rental's carpet which can be expensive to fix if you stain it. If there is wall to wall carpet in the apartment, add an area rug on top anyway.

  • It is time to choose your window treatments. Curtains are a great way to add texture to the room while complementing the existing colours. Nice heavy curtain can be very functional as well. They can be pulled back to let the sunshine help warm the house in the spring and fall or they can be closed to keep out the heat of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter.
  • Hide the glaring white walls while adding romance to your bedroom using fabric. You can use a bed with canopy rails and hang beautiful curtain panels around the bed, or you can install curtain rods all the way around the room covering every square inch of the walls with fabric. If that is too over the top for you, add vibrant colors on your bed and windows to take the emphasis away from the walls.
  • Proper lighting provides illumination, creates interest, improves safety, and establishes mood and ambiance. Good lighting is both functional and decorative, and careful planning will give you the best results for both attributes.

  • kitchen can be the hardest room to add color to, without the use of paint. This is also the last room where people think of adding art. To spruce up your kitchen, you will want to add a removable wallpaper border in a theme to match your kitchen canisters and other counter d├ęcor. In addition, display bowls of fruit and flowers on your tables and counters. Also for a traditional look, you can decorate your kitchen wall tiles with the vessels itself.
Hope you find these tips useful.


Rajeswari said...

Hey! Good tips. Effort appreciable

ARUNA said...

thanx Raji!

Krishna said...

Didnot read fully but intresting...along with article are the pics from your rented home ?

ARUNA said...

yes Krishna, that's my house!

mr said...

Hi beta,
mom's joy knows no bounds on seeing your decorative skills and deeply desires that you should decorate your chennai house in similar fashion as fast as possible


ARUNA said...

ha ha sure daddy..........tx to u and mommy again for complimenting!